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Milwaukee born emcee of working class origins. Taks is a master of lyricism. An incredible producer and all-around DIY Artist. He is emerging to be a self sufficient force to be reckoned with in the “indie scene”.

“If you’re a fan of gritty, lyrical hip hop with a backpack feel to it, you’re going to love the new project from Taks One, “Severed Ties”. The album is a true hip hop project from the veteran emcee, with eight strong tracks that have an authentic hip hop feel to it, as well as a sampling of guest verses from fellow Milwaukee lyricists. Fans of acts like Atmosphere and Swollen Members will especially take to this album, with flows that are delivered with intensity and a variety of different sounding beats.”- Breaking&Entering 

Streaming Everywhere

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Absolutely thinking outside the box on this one! Rising Milwaukee based underground Hip Hop artist Taks One blows minds away with his latest nostalgic, dark/experimental hard-hitting single titled “Cry Me” featuring legendary underground Hip Hop artist Awol One.  Taks One basically calls out all these fake MC’s who claim to do this and that, yet constantly complain about their music careers, in his own creative and unique way!  He also vents his frustration as a true underdog, clearly hearing his passion for the culture, displaying his crazy style, originality and his unique voice.  He bleeds RAW UNDERGROUND HIP HOP 100% of time on this single.-UndergroundHipHopBlog

The Get Away featuring Matt Budda
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